Product Categories supplies high quality laser tracker accessories for metrology measurement industry worldwide.


Each of our products are manufactured to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials that offer full compatibility with all leading laser trackers.

We offer custom product manufacturing for specialist or unique part requirements.

Latest Products
0,5''&1,5''-M-THKMetric Target Holder Kit for 0,5'' & 1,5'' SMRsOur Metr..
0,5''&1,5''-E-THKEnglish Target Holder Kit for 0,5'' & 1,5'' SMRsOur Eng..
1,5''-M-THKMetric Target Holder Kit for 1,5'' SMRsOur English Target Holder Kit for 1..
1,5''-E-THKEnglish Target Holder Kit for 1,5'' SMRsOur English Target Holder Kit for ..
0,5''-M-THKMetric Target Holder Kit for 0,5'' SMRsOur Metric Target Holder Kit for 0,..
0,5''-E-THKEnglish Target Holder Kit for 0,5'' SMRsOur English Target Holder Kit for ..
AD-2Our adapter-2 it useful to get, from a 3½"-8 standard external instrument, adapter thread, a 5/8..
AD-1This kind of adapter has a 3½"-8 external thread that allows to mounting metrology instruments, ..
Permanent Magnetic Circular ChuckPermanent Magnetic Circular Chuck, can be used for clamping Artic..
BPBAR POINTOur Bar Points are used assembled with Bar Extension and to complete our Hidden Point Bar..

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