Target Holder Plane Large Base for 0,5'' SMRs

Target Holder Plane Large Base for 0,5'' SMRs

0,5 - LB - TH - PLANE

Target Holder Plane Large Base for 0,5'' SMRs

Our Target Holder Plane are manufactured to hold in place a 0,5'' SMRs or another 0,5'' spherical target, thanks to a magnet at nist center. This is recommended when they must be provided with magnet in their lower base in order to be kept its position, even upside-down. It keep the center of the 0.5 '' SMR 0.5" (or 12.7 mm) ±0.0005" above the base surface.

Them can be used to create a reference station during the measurements of an object. You can place a certain number of TH - Plane around the object to be measured (usually using a hot glue gun to attach them temporally in any position), so you can move your instrument (for example Laser Tracker) having always a common reference point between the different instrument locations.  

Technical Specifications


Drift Nest dia:  0.984’’ (25 mm)

Material: Steel , Black Oxide Finish

Offset tolerance: ±0.0006″ (±0.015 mm)
Target centering tolerance: ±0.0005″ (±0.0127 mm)
Weight: 40 g 

FinishBlack Oxide
Weight40 g
Drift Nest diaØ 0.984'' (Ø 25 mm)
Offset Tolerance±0.0006″ (±0.015 mm)
Offset0.5'' (12.7 mm)
Ball centering tolerance±0.0005″ (±0.0127 mm)

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