0,5" Magnetic Tooling Ball

0,5" Magnetic Tooling Ball


0,5" Magnetic Tooling Ball

The Tooling Ball are used when is required a Ø 0,5’’ / Ø 12,7 mm reference ball located to a estabilished distance from a plane or surface, or on the centerline of a hole.

The design tolerances of ±0.00197″ (±0.05mm) (offset) and shank diameter within 0’’ to −0.000787″ / 0 mm to −0.02 mm are assured by a rigorous production process and, if required, they can easily identified by the unique serial number engraved on very 0,5 Magnetic Tooling Ball.

This is recommended when they must be provided with magnet in their lower base in order to be kept is position, even upside-down. 

Technical Specifications


Ball dia:  Ø 1/2’’ (Ø 12,7 mm)

Material: 304 Steel

Offset: 1/2’’ (12,7 mm)
Offset tolerance: ±0.00197″ (±0.05mm)

Shank diameter tolerance: 0’’ to −0.000787″ (0 mm to −0.02 mm)

Ball centering tolerance: ±0.00197″ (±0.05mm)
Weight: 10 g 

Material304 Steel
Weight10 g
Offset Tolerance±0.00197″ (±0.05mm)
Shank Diameter Tolerance0’’ to −0.000787″ (0 mm to −0.02 mm)
Offset1/2’’ (12,7 mm)
Ball diameterØ 1/2'' (Ø 12,7 mm)
Ball centering tolerance±0.00197″ (±0.05mm)

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