45° Retroreflector Target

New 45° Retroreflector Target


45° Retroreflector Target

The 45° Reflector Target can be applied with photogrammetry and laser projection works.

These are metal (steel) target carriers designed for different targeting tasks. The tooling targets have a precisely made shank diameter. The target shaft is usually inserted into a precision hole/bushing.

The retro-reflective material (spot) is placed on the target so that its center is coincident with the center of the shank diameter (within 0.08 mm or 0.0031") and the center of target is also precisely offsetted from the base of the target (also within 0.08 mm or 0.0031"). The targets come in a wide variety of sizes. They are available as straight on targets, as 45° targets, and flat targets. The 45° targets are especially useful because when mounted in a precision bushing/hole they can be turned towards the camera without losing accuracy. 

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